About Me

Fascination Art

In 1989 a dream awoke. Vjosa Jusufi’s dream was to become an artist. An artist in the sense that her childhood drawings created a desire within her. The then 6-year-old drew Barbies and women in wedding dresses, continually came up with new designs and created her very own world, which still exists today.
She has always had a passion for drawing and singing, although artwork with the pen also triggered some doubt in her. But she never forgot her love of art and as she grew up she became more and more interested in vogue and fashion.
It was during her teenage years that she distinguished herself, especially in the latter talent. She created her own designs for herself and close friends and liberated herself from being just a normal teenager. She became aware of her obsession with fashion and promised herself that she would never give up this dream.
After the birth of her twins, the young Macedonian finally decided to make that dream of hers come true. She enrolled herself at the Fashion and Design College in Zuerich and graduated with flying colors in 2012.Her final year presentation was a collection of five outfits. The ready-to-wear collection was a resounding success – 300 spectators enjoyed the show and were inspired by her ideas. The fashion designer was born.
During an internship in November 2011 with the Amazing New York Photographer Fadil Berisha, she was able to learn the trade “on the job“.
In November 2012, she was the one chosen to create a special dress to celebrate Albania’s 100th anniversary. The “Kosovo Fashion Week” allowed her the honor of being challenged by this task, whilst offering support: to be given this opportunity to pay tribute to her roots, and to work on a marvel of such a special kind, made her very proud. This was yet another prelude towards her final goal: to become a professional with a name in the world of fashion.
The future seems rosy for this ambitious visionary: her second collection is due to be released at the beginning of the year and in March/April 2013 she will return to New York for another internship with Fadil Berisha.
Vjosa Jusufi is not only an exceptional talent: her astuteness for details and their embodiment are her trademark. She is her own worst critic, which allows her to create a very distinctive style, making her a truly great talent. Her creations are not simply fashion – they resemble an ideology. Just like the fashion designer herself.